Bug Reports

SFLPhone bugs should be reported on our Issue Tracker
First browse to make sure that your issue has not already been reported.
If you do indeed have a new issue, file it under new issues.
You need to register to open new issues.
The report should ideally be of the form:


More detailed summary of problem. Please include a complete description of your distribution, SFLphone version, and any pertinent details about your SIP provider, network, hardware, etc.

How to reproduce:

Description of steps/setup to reproduce the issue.

What happens:

Description of resulting behaviour.

What SHOULD happen:

Description of expected or desired behaviour.

Does it happen every time?

Description of reproducibility of the bug.

For crasher bugs, stack traces can be helpful. Please refer to this guide for information on how to obtain a trace:
Otherwise, screenshots, wireshark captures, audio recordings or any other artifacts that illustrate the bug can be very helpful.