Portlet - Faceted Search

The Faceted Search Portlet provides full-text search with the faceted classification based on portal categories.

The portlet provides search for the following Liferay assets:
  • Web Content
  • Document Library
  • User
  • Organization

For the search query the lucene syntax can be applied (see http://lucene.apache.org/java/2_4_0/queryparsersyntax.html).

Categories related to the found content are on the left part of page and the result grouped by the content type on the left side.
When a category is selected the related content will appear.

Faceted Search portlet also provides advanced search for users. It allows to find users by first and last names and organization.
To make a search at least one field should be filled.
Note: Organization is auto-complete field.

Faceted Search portlet configuration allows to:
  • Enable/Disable generic search or advanced user search
  • Allow users to search by content type: Users, Documents, Web Contents, Organizations
  • Enable/Disable full screen mode for the result page
  • Define start page: Generic, User and Faceted (make sense only with predefined search parameters)
  • Predefined search parameters: organization, categories and content types
  • Define which vocabularies should be listed in the faceted search and the order of vocabularies.

Default configuration:

For example if the portlet suppose to be used for user search for predefined organization, the configuration should look like on the following screen

If the start page was changed to Faceted and the 'Canada' category was selected as predefined search the portlet will show only faceted categories related to the content which contains 'Canada' category.

When click on a category the portlet will switch to standard generic view and show results filtered by predefined search parameters and selected category.

If the 'Show content types for generic search' option is on user will have possibility to filter content by type.

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