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Bonita: New Bonita examples
New Bonita examples have been developed and published.
Added by Sven Werlen almost 4 years ago

Bonita: Connectors 1.0 released
The first version of our connectors has been released.
Added by Sven Werlen almost 4 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Network Opt (09/23/2013 02:22 PM)

    A node to node least cost path algorithm.

  • Android (04/23/2013 05:23 PM)
  • ossec (12/04/2011 07:37 PM)

    Debianization and puppetization of OSSec (http://www.ossec.net)

  • Nodali (12/03/2010 05:02 PM)

    Nodali, une plateforme à code source ouvert pour votre prestation électronique de service.

  • TS-5500 Linux (09/22/2010 01:07 PM)

    Linux support for the Technologic Systems TS-5500 Single Board Computer.
    It includes support for:
    the on-board LED;
    the GPIO;
    the MAX197 A/D converter.

    Contributions and bugfixes are welcome.